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$165/ MONTH


Unlimited classes only. If you have a set schedule and our class times work with your schedule.

$190/ MONTH


This gives you attendance to unlimited classes and 24Hr. Gym Access. If you miss class you have the ability to come in at another time and get it in. Also, work on those skills that are holding you back.

$95/ MONTH

24Hr. Gym Access

You will be able to come in on your own schedule. DAY OR NIGHT! Please be respectful of the class times and schedule around them.

*Subject to safety & knowledge testing.

$150/ MONTH



Classes 3 times per week. If you are just getting started or limited on time. This is a great way to start your fitness journey.


Foundations Program

Four sessions to learn the Foundational Movements and Olympic Lifts used in our classes. Once completed and you attend classes for one month, you will be cleared to use the 24 HR. Access.

*If you are just starting out you may be required to attend this program.


Come try us out!

Whether you want to come drop in or you are visiting. We have options for you.


$20 for a Drop-In

$54 for a 3-Day Pass

$105 for a 1-Week Pass

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